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The natives benefiting from Ruchaka yoga may achieve good results as athletes, sportsmen, body builders, police officers, army officers, naval officers, air force officers and other officers related to the field of defense services, politicians, ministers and many other types of professionals, depending on the overall tone of their horoscopes.

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The formation of Ruchaka yoga is a rare phenomenon and not every person who is born with it in their birth chart possesses all the beneficial qualities of this yoga. There are a number of other aspects that determine the strength of this yoga and its influence on the zodiac and personality of the individual. The most important factor for the formation of Ruchaka yoga in a horoscope is that Mars should be working as a benefic planet in a horoscope, apart from being placed in any one of the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses of the signs already mentioned above.

Benefic planets are necessary for good things to happen in a positive yoga, while malefic planets may give some temporary gains to some natives but the person cannot benefit from it in the long run.

The Yogas of Jyotish

Also, to form a Ruchaka yoga of good strength, Mars should have a good level of activity. The strength of any good or bad yoga depends on the strength and level of activity of the planet forming the yoga in a horoscope. Different yogas have different activation times in different horoscopes. Once the formation and activation of Ruchaka yoga are confirmed in a horoscope, its strength needs to be checked. The strength of his yoga can be checked through the placement of Mars in different houses, different zodiac signs and different nakshatras, as well as through the influence of other positive and negative planets on Mars in a horoscope in that time.

It reveals ones potential and gives a path to follow. It can be a guide to make the best possible use of all the tools available. Undoubtedly he has exceptional leadership qualities which are prominent in a Ruchaka yoga native.

Astrology, Numerology, GemTherapy & Vaastu: Ruchaka Yoga – Its Meaning & Role in Vedic Astrology

He is born with the sign of Capricorn with Mars in the ascendant. The 10th house is considered as the house of karma, name and fame etc in astrology. This led him to become a self-made superstar, with no prior connections in the industry. Your email address will not be published.


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Results Of Ruchaka Yoga

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Next Post Health. Please click on the appropriate link below to see the respective definition, nature and results of various yogas. You can input a part of the yoga name also while using the search option. Prominent face, beautiful eyebrows, dark hair and clear complexion.

Ruchaka Yoga – Complete Analysis

He is Commander of an army or leader of a gang of thieves.. Home Yogas.

Yogas In Vedic Astrology A Yoga is a special disposition of a planet or planets in a vedic astrology chart, which can produce very specific results. Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology gives a lot of importance to yogas.

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