Piscis y taurus compatibles

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Both of you are very open-minded, adaptable and flexible people, who are receptive to many different points of view and ideas. You are both also quite changeable and fluid and sometimes inconsistent. If you are looking for a steadying hand or a rock of Gibraltar, look elsewhere. You both must remember that there is truth in both ways of understanding the world. There is a tremendous flow of feeling, sympathy, and emotional rapport between you, and you feel that your partner understands and empathizes with you in a way few others do.

Both of you are sensitive, intuitive, receptive, and compassionate people, easily moved by emotional appeals or needs of others. A deep mutual appreciation of music and the arts is also likely. Fortunately this difference is rather minor and unlikely to be much of problem between you. In fact, PISCES has a passive streak and tends to recede into the background, avoiding intensely competitive situations where decisiveness and aggressiveness are required. LEO, on the other hand, loves to be noticed and appreciated, to be the center of attention, and tends to have an inflated sense of self-importance.

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PISCES is gentle, receptive, compassionate, and very sensitive to the emotional tone in any relationship. If you want or need something from LEO, you must clearly say so. While VIRGO is very uncomfortable with ambiguity and is always categorizing and organizing life into clearly defined compartments, PISCES is quite content to absorb lots of seemingly contradictory ideas without having an urgent need to reconcile them.

VIRGO likes to carve out an area of life and specialize in it, developing skill and expertise in this well-defined domain, whereas PISCES tends to drift among a wider variety of interests. Your differences do not necessarily conflict with each other and there is a good possibility that you will appreciate and understand each other sufficiently to harmonize well.

Neither of you is extremely ambitious or egocentric; both are gentle, even shy people, and your sensitivity is a plus in this relationship. You appreciate that your partner shares your gentle attitude. LIBRA also has a strong sense of justice and equality and can be vengeful towards those who are seen as unjust, while PISCES is more likely to feel compassion and sympathy even for those who are guilty. Both of you are very sensitive, feeling, compassionate people, and with one another you are able to have a depth of sharing and intimacy and emotional union that you will find with few others.

Basically however, you are quite compatible and can have a very fulfilling union. Both of you have a strong imagination and must have a Dream to live for — the daily round of mundane existence would be too dull without it for either of you. Both of you are essentially generous souls, you dislike pettiness, and you also dislike limitations such as budgets, diets, schedules, etc.

There are many differences between you, though. You are opposites in many respects: CAPRICORN is practical and realistic, deals effectively with the demands and responsibilities of the work place, and has a serious, sometimes cynical attitude toward life. PISCES intuitively knows that there is much more to life than what can be measured in material, concrete terms.

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Both of you have a certain reserve, depth, and tendency to introspection and you may have much to offer one another if you are willing to appreciate the differences between you. Both of you are very open-minded and tolerant toward new ideas, the unusual, and the unconventional. While AQUARIUS is cool, rational, and always able to give excellent reasons for an opinion or position, PISCES is frequently unable to logically articulate the feeling, values and subtleties that color and shape personally-held attitudes or positions.

Best Matches

AQUARIUS has a humanitarian outlook, but is often more concerned with principles and ideals, rather than with real people and their actual situations. Both of you possess great sensitivity and sympathy, imagination and intuition. You can communicate and understand one another at a very deep level, which is rare and very satisfying for both of you.

Non-judgmental acceptance, tolerance, generosity, compassion, a love of beauty and peace — these are some of the positive qualities you share.

As time goes on and their love deepens, both will find their hearts vibrating at the same frequency. Similar to the previous trait of love, trust takes time to build between this pairing.

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Taurus, a fixed sign, is very careful about emotionally investing in others. This is particularly true when it comes to love and fidelity. If the bull has been hurt in the past, it does not forget the wound. Pisces, a mutable sign, grants trust fairly fast but are also known for changing its mind.

Should the bull pick up on the faintest whiff of doubt, it will stomp off with a quickness.


Compatibilidad con Piscis

That said, Pisces has a way of endearing itself to the bull. Because of its unique psychic powers, it can intuit what the bull needs. Taurus personalities have zero tolerance for infidelity, be it emotional or physical. Pisces in almost all cases can easily adapt to this requirement. The only exception is when a Scorpio is in the picture ; a mysterious sign that the fish is strangely drawn to. Translation: Taurus is strategic and purposeful with money. Pisces can be impulsive and sometimes wasteful.

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility, Love, Sex, Life & Friendship

This is not meant to offend any Pisces who are reading this. The good news is that both give what the other struggles to possess. Taurus can be miserly and is prone to being cheap.

Pisces has a way of jarring the bull out of its usual doldrums and get it to try new things. On the flipside, the bull creates boundaries for the fish around spending. Pisces benefits greatly from this and will find the financial discipline to be healing. The trick is for Taurus to recognize not everyone uses money as a security blanket.

Below you should see a poll that explores the pairing between the pairing. If you are accessing this post on a smartphone, it may not appear. Should that be the case, you can use click on this Taurus and Pisces poll link to vote and see results.

Taurus and Pisces Love and Romance

What attracts Taurus and Pisces the most? The intellectual match between Pisces and Taurus is high. Because Pisces is so empathic, it has a way of understanding complex issues on an emotional level.

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  • Taurus and Pisces Love Compatibility.

In this way, both complement one another. Each provides the other a lens from which to see things from a different perspective. One is not smarter than the other. Instead, each absorbs mental material differently. When in a romantic relationship, these traits make for a powerful match. Initially, communications between the pairing can be challenging. However, once each sign has tuned into the other, communication is not a problem. In fact, over the course of time, words are not necessary. An additional feature of Taurus-Pisces combo relates to the listening skills of the fish.

Pisces, perhaps more than any other sign in the galaxy, is gifted with extreme listening powers. Taurus, which can sometimes be temperamental and anxious, benefits greatly. The reality is the bull needs a safe place to vent and sometimes unload. Pisces is more than capable of handling this need. Because of its nurturing ways, it thrives off helping others. Arguments do happen with this pairing but usually at the beginning of the relationship.

Pisces will need to be mindful of spending to avoid a fight. Taurus must learn how to emote so as to not be perceived as indifferent. In the area of interests, Taurus and Pisces get along great. Taurus is attracted to the mountains. Pisces, the sea. This makes for a great match for travel purposes. Both enjoy the outdoors with Taurus fond of camping. Pisces likes this too, provided time is spent around water. When you reflect on this duo, think of hiking, fishing, and skiing. In addition to the above, both signs are into movies and theater. The more mind-twisting the plot, the more Pisces gets sucked in.

Taurus likes this too however, it prefers more realistic themes. Like a moth to a flame, Pisces is drawn to the spiritual. Conversely, Taurus is pulled towards the areas of money and science. Taurus and Pisces relationships are almost always long term. In fact, they tend to last a lifetime. The duo makes for excellent parents, offering children an emotionally nurturing and financially stable home. Hung-Ru and Bower, Sagittarius man personality. How about the least compatible […]. Copyright Guy Counseling. All Rights Reserved. See Disclaimer. News Ticker.

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piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
piscis y taurus compatibles Piscis y taurus compatibles
Piscis y taurus compatibles

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